SALESIAN FAMILY SPIRIRUALITY DAYS 9th February to 12th February, 2020

SALESIAN FAMILY SPIRIRUALITY DAYS 9th February to 12th February, 2020

21 February 2020 3285 By Trassilla Musonda


The meeting on the spirituality days was held at Mornese House, City of Hope, Makeni, Lusaka.

The Chingola Youth Centre was represented by Fr. Leszek Aksamit Sdb, Rector for the Centre and Mrs Trassilla Musonda, Salesian Cooperator, who were amongst the thirty nine participants from Zambia, Malawi, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

In the same meeting we had Salesians of Don Bosco, Salesian Sisters, Salesian Cooperators, and a number of youths representing various youth centres of the ZMB Vice Province.

The programme was animated by Fr. Christopher Kunda Sdb and Sister Nsofwa Chanda FMA

The meeting strongly centered on CHRISTUS VIVIT simply translated as CHRIST IS ALIVE!

The launch of the Youth Synod in October 2016 with the theme: Truth, Faith and Vocational Discernment brought the birth of Christus Vivit from the Synod of Bishops that was held in October 2018, where the Holy Father, Pope Francis subsequently released the theme in April, 2019.

Christus Vivit encourages us to accompany or mentor the youths in their Ministry:

  • Have a deep appreciation of the beauty of holiness
  • Inspiration of the scriptures
  • Be witness of the saints
  • Synodality of youths

Adults should be friendly points of references adopting the “Emmaus Method “of accompanying them: recognising, judging and acting.

The adults should be aware of the needs by listening to the youths, give hope filled pastoral care founded on Living with Christ.

The adults should go and meet the youths where they are found and not the youths coming to the adults.

The adults should also be aware of the ongoing crisis of:

  • Sexual identity
  • Unhealthy ideologies
  • Unemployment
  • Digital Culture
  • Family breakups

On the second day, the Strenna 2020 was presented by the Vice Provincial Fr. Vincent Tembo Sdb, which was unveiled by The Rector Major Fr. Angel Fernandez Artime Sdb, with the Theme “Thy shall be done on earth as it is in heaven”, meaning that while we are citizens here on earth, we also have citizenship in heaven.

The topic of Good Christians and Honest Citizens is twofold and Don Bosco summarizes this in eight versions.

Good Christians is based on personal encounters with Christ. In this encounter:

  • You experience joy
  • The encounter with Jesus, the decisive One is awesome
  • It’s an exercise of intelligence and heart
  • It’s the decisive value of witness
  • It’s the first and main proclamation
  • It gives spirituality and mission
  • It gives spirituality of communion

The general objectives of the Strenna clearly outline

  • Identifying critical issues
  • Seeking tools to solve the problem
  • Participate actively and responsibly in public life

In the specific objectives:

  • To spread conviction
  • Rediscover a civil and secular that compliments and its public
  • To network above all
  • To distinguish and contrast fake news

The last chapter of Christus Vivit is asking us to enter into dialogue with the young so that we accompany them as a means to educate them.

The meeting was concluded with a group photo of all the participants, a meal and a social gathering in the evening of 11th February, 2020.