Salesian Past Pupils

The Past Pupils of Don Bosco started as an informal group in Kazembe in 1990. Similar groups were formed in Chingola, Lufubu and Lilongwe in Malawi. But it was only in 1997 that the Association of the Past Pupil of Don Bosco was formally recognised when it launched its Constitution. The lunching ceremony took place in Chingola on the 2nd February 1997. Some years later in 2004 Fr Chester Lenczuk started the new group of about 70 Past Pupils in Lilongwe.  Presently we have two groups which are very strong in the Vice – Province in Chingola and Lilongwe.  

Our ZMB objective is to:

  • Creative a feeling of belonging to Past Pupil Association already existing in the Salesian presences
  • To work to commit young people to the Association through formation and activities that attract them
  • Creative the working stile that allows a concrete on commitment of the Past Pupils in the educational, social and community projects
  • To create relationship with other member of the Salesian Family – Salesian Cooperators and Lay Volunteers