Compiled by: Mrs. Trassilla Musonda
Salesian Coopertor

In 1983 St’s. Peter and Paul Parish in Chingola alongside Kacema Musuma Parish in Kasompe, were the two parishes to be taken over by the Salesians in Chingola, one of the seven mining towns on Copperbelt in the Ndola Diocese.

Fr. Joseph Bem was the first Salesian Priest at St’s. Peter and Paul Parish. By the end of September 1983, the parish was being run as a mission by the Salesians.

Chingola Salesian House was amongst the first that were canonically erected under Fr. Joseph Bem who was the Rector.

In 1985, project works in building the Youth Centre begun. On top of this, a bigger project was begun, and this project was to be a Trade School. The construction works was coordinated by Fr. Casimir Cichecki and later on by Br. John Orysiuk.

In 1991, a Salesian Community was established in Chingola along with a youth centre.

In 1992 there were a lot activities lined up.

On the 14th of January, the preparation of the centre to start trainings began. Fr. Socha was in charge of this project. On the same day after the Deanery Meeting which was held at Sacred Heart Convent, Fr. Peter Gozdalski left for Nsakaluba. He returned on 17th January with a motorbike which was given by the community of Kazembe.

Fr. Peter Gozdalski jostled backwards and forwards in the hope of sourcing for money for the borehole project. On 14th February, the community received a letter from the Mission Procure in Germany. This letter informed the community that a German Province had given some money towards the project.  This funding was for sinking a borehole so that the centre could have constant water. The sinking of the borehole was done by Boart Long year from Kitwe. In the same year, the centre again had a boast in the arm from Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines (ZCCM), when a bulldozer was loaned so that the playing fields could be levelled. The drilling in progress, a stream was struck at 20.5m. This underground water was and would be beneficial to the centre. After the 2-month long drilling, instead of the 2 weeks which was initially planned, a decision was made to stop at 41.7m, since there was already a lot of water. Tests on the water was done and the water was found to be safe for human consumption and free of bacteria. 

Two containers were also acquired from the mines. Due to the mammoth task of off-loading the bigger container, the main water pipes were broken and there was no water. The sacrifice of no water was nothing compared to having those valuable containers for the much needed storage space.

On September 13, the very year, Fr. Paul Dziatkiewicz was installed as Rector of the Centre. 

Fr Rychcik had his first Mass at the parish, and it was a beautiful celebration which was well organized by the parishioners. The two priests had supper with the Parish Council and representatives from small the Christian Communities.

Fr. Peter Gozdalski made several trips to Ndola to seek audience with the Bishop concerning the project that was to be undertaken at the centre. Finally, towards the end of September, the Bishop of Ndola approved the major project that had been long outstanding.

The works at the building site continued, that was the three workshops and the ablution block. The construction was done by a company called Power Construction.

Due to the lapse of information in the two years, namely 1993 and 1994, a true reflection of happenings was not compiled. However, Fr Gozdalski had to write a synopsis of what could have happened and this, was documented.

Funds to purchase tools for the school were needed and NORAD was approached through NCPD office in Lusaka and, the funds were received. The training continued in 1992 with the first group.

In the same year, there was a shortage of funds to buy a vehicle. Swiss Miva gave the centre the remaining funds for the purchase of a Toyota Hilux.

Fr. Chester Lenczuk became the second principal of the centre after Fr. Rychcik left for Italy.

 Fr. Chester Lenczuk was principal until 1997 when he left Chingola for Italy.

A big decision had to be made whether to enrol more students for 1993. There was a challenge of not enough tools to accommodate more students. It was resolved that various embassies be approached for possible funding. The Centre was fortunate as towards the end of 1992, the Netherlands Embassy came on board.

The USA Embassy was also approached for funds to buy Machinery for the Metal Fabrication Workshop. The agreement with the Embassy was signed on 22nd January, 1993. The equipment was ordered from Allied Putziger of South Africa.

The Centre asked for a further US $12,00 for the purchase of the remaining equipment. Initially these funds were rejected as the Centre was asked to prepare a fresh Project Proposal. However, before this proposal could be done, the funds were approved. The contract was signed on 31 January, 1994.

In 1994, CAFOD was approached with a project proposal for books and furniture for a Multipurpose Hall. The project was approved almost immediately. 

In December 1993, the same company signed a contract to build the Salesian House. Some house fittings were imported from South Africa. Funds received from Munich and Koln Dioceses of Germany paid for the first consignment of Harvey Roofing Tiles.

The Centre also had a prompt response from Apostolic Works of Belfast for funding the project of burglar bars for the hall.

For most of the projects to take off, there was a lot of support from local companies, i.e. Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines (ZCCM), for machines, scrap metal and any other jobs that needed their help, Torstone, Central Engineering and Reedbuck Companies.

The big project with Misereor, took the good part from 1990 to 1994, (four years of travelling, discussions, submissions and re-submissions before a project could be accepted and funded). Again, Power Construction was recommended to undertake the project because they were lowest in terms of costs.

The Kwacha was quite unstable at that time and so the contractor agreed to submit the bid in Deutschmark. Anderson and Anderson Architects were asked to supervise the construction works.

Towards the end of 1993, a Tailoring Course was started. This was due to a good number of girls that had shown interest in the course.

Ten sewing machines, sewing material and other requirements were bought from funds that had been received from the Netherlands Embassy.

The Solemnity of Mary Help of Christians was celebrated on 27th May,1995 and Fr. Leszek Aksamit was the main celebrant. During the same feast, Fr. Leszek took this opportunity to thank Fr. Peter Gozdalski for the remarkable input behind the development of the entire centre.

A special announcement was made on the 2nd of June, that Fr. Peter Gozdalski was officially the new Rector of Chingola Centre. 

On 23rd June,1995, on the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the centre was bereaved. The Rector Major, Fr. Vigano had died. Four days later, the centre was bereaved again. This time a first year student from the metal fabrication department had died. He belonged to the United Church of Zambia. The Salesian Community intervened that the Requiem Mass should be held at St’s. Peter and Paul Parish. The bereaved family obliged.

On 12th July, 1995, the slab for the Mother House was commenced. The construction crew worked day and night to see that the project was executed in the shortest possible time.

Fr. Peter Gozdalski was officially installed as Rector of the Centre at evening Mass for the Community by the Provincial, Fr. Boryczka.

In August the same year. Fr. Leszek left for Malawi amidst a valley of tears from the students. In October he returned for a short visit and the students were elated to see him.

In 1996, Fr. Joseph Bem left the community for Kabwe.

Mrs Mulenga from the Canadian High Commission visited the centre to get first-hand information on the progress of the multipurpose hall. The project was sponsored by the Commission hence the visit.

In March the same year, the hammer mill which was donated by the Netherlands Embassy arrived at the centre.

On 23rd May, 1996, the Salesian House was blessed and officially opened. Fr. Peter Boryczka, the Superior, blessed the house at 18:15 hrs, in the new Chapel.

On 24th May, 1996, the official opening and blessing of the centre was done starting with the Eucharistic Celebration. In attendance was the Bishop of Ndola, His Grace the Rite Reverend Bishop Dennis de Jong, and the Minister of Science and Technology, Honourable Dr Kabunda Kayongo. The Minister delivered her speech. Mrs Karin Balfer from Mission Procure of Bonn in Germany also delivered her speech. The Bishop then blessed the centre. 

To close the year, the centre received a new Toyota Hilux pick up.

At the beginning of 1997, a graduation ceremony was held and the Mayor of Chingola was the Guest of Honour.

On 25th June, 1997, Fr. Peter Gozdalski received added responsibilities, as he was appointed Provincial Economer for ZMB Vice Province.

This year, there were no major activities apart from the young people and Oratorians having their retreats and social gatherings in terms of sporting activities.

 1st February, 1998, saw the students graduating in the brand new multipurpose hall. The celebrations were very well organised and the experience was wonderful.

The General Manger for ZCCM, Nchanga Mine was the Guest of Honour. Past Pupils, Cooperators and parents were in attendance.

In 1999, Fr. Gozdalski was called to Provincial House in Lusaka.

Fr. Peter Gozdalski left a legend of practically having begun building Don Bosco Youth Centre, Chingola.

Fr Gregory Lewandowski became the fourth Rector of the Community on 5th September, 1998.

On 31st December, 2000, a huge presence of young people from as far as Chililabombwe, converged at the centre for an overnight celebration to usher in the new year. There were so many youths that the hall was packed and late comers had to be turned away. It was an awesome experience.

In the same year, TEVET delivered a consignment of tools as a gesture of good will.

Fr. Clement Mulenga was installed as the new Rector for the centre in May 2005. Fr Mulenga, now Bishop of Kabwe Diocese, is the first Zambian Salesian Priest. Bishop Clement Mulenga is the second Zambian Salesian. He comes after Bro. Sylvester Makumba, who is a Coadjutor Brother.

On 9th July, the bishop of Ndola, His Grace the Rite Reverend Bishop Noel Charles Oregan, ordained four Diocesan Brothers and, the Salesian Confreres took centre stage in organising the ordination.

In the same month, Konkola Copper Mines (KCM), sponsored a Tailoring Course for widows from Chingola and Chililabombwe. This was for the widowed wives of deceased KCM Miners.

In 2006, Fr. Kabiti from Mpika Diocese visited the centre. He was touched by the Salesian presence in the young people at the centre.

In this very year, the Ecumenical Procession for Palm Sunday was planned to begin the procession from Don Bosco Youth Centre. Again, the response was overwhelming from the churches.

Towards the end of November, the Vice Provincial, Fr. Bruno and three other visitors from Italy arrived at the centre. The visitors were; a Salesian Coadjutor and two lay faithful. Their visit was purely to prepare a DVD in readiness for the following years’ Silver Jubilee Celebrations. As part of the preparations, a visit to KCM Open Pit was done. However, a few stolen shots of the open pit were taken as KCM were under scrutiny from the Environmental Council of Zambia.

A hilarious experience that rocked the centre was when Fr. Gilbert Twahirwa, Mr Sapwe and Mr Chikonkolo chased a runaway pig in the centre of town! The trio had come from buying pigs in readiness for the feast of Don Bosco when they decided to stop in town (shopping centre) to buy some water. The pig saw an opportunity of escape and jumped out of the truck. The gentlemen with the support of street children chased the runaway pig around the shopping centre! This caused pandemonium and was a sight for sore eyes. After a good chase around town, the pig was finally caught. Feast of Don Bosco was well celebrated with pork on the menu!

The Deanery Youth Day was held at the centre. Chingola was well represented with youths coming from all the parishes in large numbers. However, Chililabombwe youths were poorly represented. In total, about 600 youths came to participate in the DYD. A beautiful day was well spent.

2007, the Silver Jubilee Celebrations ran from 9th to 13 October. The Rector Major presided over Mass, co-celebrated with the Bishop of Ndola Diocese the Rite Reverend Bishop Charles Noel Oregan and, the Bishop of Mansa Diocese the Rite Reverend Bishop Chisha. The Marian Grotto was also blessed and the entrustment of the ZMB Vice Province to Our Lady. During the same Mass, Salesian Cooperators made their Promises too. The Rector Major also planted the Jubilee Tree.

Early in 2008, the community celebrated the Feast of Dominic Savio, combined with the installation of INTERNET in the community.

Mid-year saw Fr Mariusz Skowron installed as Principle of the Technical College.

On the 5th last day of December, the centre hosted a Zone Youth Rally comprising Chingola, Kabwe, Lusaka and Mazabuka. There were over 200 young people. Amongst those present were SDBs, FMAs, Matrons and Patrons from Kabwe. The rally lasted up to 1st January, 2009.

The young people that came for the rally, welcomed the new year (2009) with Mass which began after midnight. 

The young people from the Oratory joined the rest of the world in celebrating Youth Day 2009. The day falls on 12 March each year.

The youths went to Nchanga Stadium were they took part in three events: Brass Band Music, Acrobats and Karate.

In the same year in May, forty-one Oratorians travelled to Mufulira to celebrate Diocesans Youth Day.

Mid May saw the opening of Magone School. This school is distance adoption for the under privileged youths.

In 2010, Solemnity of the Feast of Don Bosco was celebrated at Musenga sub- parish by the Salesian Confreres and Cooperators with the parishioners.

The community also celebrated its 16th graduation. Fr. Leszek was the Guest of Honour.

The Provincial, Fr. Joseph Czerwinski arrived in the community on 22nd March. During his visit he blessed the new statue of Mary in the School Chapel, during the commemoration of Mary Help of Christians.

There were various activities lined up for this Solemnity, i.e. drama and dances.

Mid-year saw the centre receive four Polish Bicycle Travellers. They stayed for a few days before continuing with their bicycle ride to South Africa through Zimbabwe.

In July, the Oratory hosted a fundraising event dubbed, ‘Miss All Schools’, ahead of the festival in Mansa. A good number of youths from around Chingola took part.

At the beginning of August, a workshop called TEAMPACO was held. This was conducted by two volunteers from Belgium, Kathleen and Mathias. This workshop was meant for the young people from the Oratory.

In September, Fr. Norbert Lesa who had been Rector, left the community.

In October, Fr. Slawomir Bartodziej was installed as Rector for the community.

On Independence Day, Don Bosco Band led the march past at the Rugby Field, where the residents of Chingola were celebrating the day. The Karate group also were part of the celebration.

On the last day of October, Magone School celebrated the Solemnity of All Saints. More than 100 pupils ranging from Grade 12 and below attended Mass. The examples of Michael Magone and St. Dominic Savio were the themes proposed for the sports competitions.

The community held its monthly recollection for two days in mid-November. The conference was held based on article 52 of the community constitutions.

This year saw the Brass Band and Majorettes being invited to be part of the various National Events held.

In December, Fr Leszek arrived in the community with Mr Marcin Dzwigalski, a representative from the Polish Embassy in South Africa. Mr Dzwigalski had come to check on the project that his office had funded. The project was the replacing of computers and furniture in the Oratory.

At the beginning of 2011, Fr. George Challisery arrived in the community. His visit was purely to familiarise himself as he took over as the Provincial for ZMB Vice Province.

The 17th Graduation Ceremony was held in March and it was graced by Mr Simuzingili from TEVETA. All the students graduated.

During the middle of the year, TEAMPACO Seminar was held in the Oratory. Twenty youths were in attendance. This time the volunteers are Bert and Jan.

In August, Fr. Larry Macdonald Sdb and his attaché (a Salesian Past Pupil) arrived to visit the Technical School. They came from AFM Vice Province. Their mission was to study situations in all Technical Schools in the region of Africa-Madagascar.

The community also had a Tri-monthly recollection at the end of August, the theme: ‘The Personal Plan of Life’. The support quotation was from the Salesian regulations 99, which harbours on, on-going formation. Towards the end of January 2012, Fr. Slawek Bartodziej informed the community of the changes in responsibilities of the Confreres. Fr. Slawek Bartodziej – School Principal, Fr. Wojciech Kozlowicz – Production Manager and Bro. David Njolo – Oratory Director as well as Vice Principal of the school.

A day after the Solemnity Feast of Don Bosco, the centre was rocked with sad news of the death of Mandy Mapisa, who had taken her own life. Mandy was an Oratorian as well as a leader in the Oratory.

The school held its 20th graduation celebrations on 30th March, 2012. His Grace the Rite Reverend Bishop Clement Mulenga (Brand new consecrated Bishop of Kabwe Diocese) was the guest of Honour.

In October, Fr. John Bosco Mulenga was officially welcomed as the Oratory Director, Pre-Novice Master as well as the Vice Rector.

In December, on the 12th day, heavy rain destroyed the roof of the Pre-Novitiate house. In the confusion, Pre-Novice Joseph sustained a cut on the head when he fell on the stairs in a bid to rescue property from the house. He was attended to at the hospital.

Again Oratorians ushered in the new year with midnight Mass followed by different activities.

At the beginning of 2013 Academic year, Fr. Bosco was introduced to the college students as one of the teaching staff. He was to teach C.R.E. to the second year students.

In the same month of January, a Polish benefactor from South Africa arrived at the centre. The Oratorians organised a presentation to thank him for funding the project for the Oratory roof.

At the beginning of March, an Oratory Leadership Seminar was held and Certificates of Attendance were issued at the end.

The Oratory Brass Band, Majorettes and Karate group were invited to celebrate Youth Day at Nkana Stadium. The march past was led by the Don Bosco Band.

On the eve of when the new Pope would be chosen, the community gathered around the TV in waiting for the white smoke. There was a lot of jubilation when the white smoke was released and the Pope made his first appearance. After the Pope’s speech, the community knelt to receive the live Papal Blessing. The community later went to the chapel to pray for the new Pope.

In the month of September, Fr. Leszek celebrated his Silver Jubilee since his arrival as a missionary in Zambia. On 1st October on the occasion of the receiving of the new Pre-Novices, Fr Leszek was sworn in as the new Rector of Chingola Community.

In November, Dr Chishimba from Nchanga North Hospital was invited to give a seminar to the college students as well as Pre-Novices on HIV/AIDS.

The centre (students in particular) was also privileged to have Mr H Chanza and two others from Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) to give a talk on the importance of safety.

On the last day of December, adoration was done for an hour before midnight to usher in the new year and thanking God for HIS COUNTLESS BLESSINGS IN THE PAST YEAR.

On 9th January, 2014, the Provincial Fr George Challisery blessed the Pre-Novitiate House and officially opened it.

The centre held its graduation on 14th March. His Grace the Rite Reverend Bishop Clement Mulenga celebrated the graduation Mass. The guest of Honour was the Deputy Minister of Sport. 

On the 2nd of July, five Salesian Confreres arrived at the centre to conduct the Salesian Youth Movement. Two days later a delegation of youths from Malawi, Namibia and Zambia arrived to attend the SYM. The young people who came from various delegations reached a total number of 200. The Regional of Africa and Madagascar, Fr. Americo arrived at the centre on 27th July,2014. He was accompanied by the Provincial. In the evening Fr. Americo gave a talk to the Salesian Cooperators and Past Pupils.

Nineteen boys from different parishes arrived at the centre on 24th November for the ‘Come and See’ programme.

On 9th January, 2015, Fr. Eustace Siame sdb was welcomed as the new Deanery Youth Chaplin for Chingola.

On 21st February part of the roof of the Pre-Novitiate house, two classrooms and part of the Oratory were damaged due to a heavy storm. The following day Bro. Joseph Nyondo, Bro. Leotika Kaluba and some Pre-Novices assisted in repairing the damages.

On 17th July, the community hosted the 2015 Career Guidance Meeting. About 1,200 Grade Twelve pupils came to the centre. Eight colleges and universities put together, attended the meeting. The colleges and universities came on board to help the young boys and girls make right career choices after they leave school. The community also took advantage of the seminar to advertise the Technical College as well.

During the latter part of the year, renovations to the Pre-Novitiate House was still ongoing.

On 29th August, the centre hosted over 5 000 women from all over Ndola Diocese who had come to present Seminarian Funds to His Grace the Rite Reverend Bishop of Ndola, Dr. Alick Banda. The whole centre was literally taken over by these celebrations, it was a busy day for the Salesian Community.

St. Patrick Parish in Mufulira celebrated 75 years Jubilee since inception of the parish. The centre Bras Band was invited to these celebrations.

At the end of October, a short seminar on Leadership was conducted. The Youth Leaders came from various groups to be part of the seminar.

Forty boys and girls arrived at the centre on 27th December from various vocation clubs around Chingola. They had come for a four days’ workshop. They held evening prayers and had meals together.

The new year was ushered in by a Thanksgiving Party for the youths which began at 20:30 hrs. Fr. Leszek welcomed all the youths. Bro. Joseph Nyondo led the reflection under the theme for the centre: ‘Awake, Arise and Shine’.

The youths saw the new year with a lot of jubilation accompanied by party games.

In January 2016, the community after the permission from the Provincial Fr George Challisery, started a new important project of establishment of Don Bosco Technical Secondary School, with enrolment of thirty-two students for one Grade 8 class. At the same time, Br. Joseph Nyondo commenced the application for Grant Aided status of the school to Ministry of General Education.

At the beginning of 2016, the Prenovices together with Fr. Eustace began preparing the new library for students.

In the latter part of February, Fr. Eugene Wnek represented the community at the meeting of all the Polish Missionaries in Zambia.

On 26th February, the community received boys from around Chingola who had come for ‘Come and See’ programme. 

On the same day Polish volunteers arrived in the community. The visitors were here as a delegation from the Mission Office, monitoring the projects that were being funded from Warsaw. Various facets of the centre were captured on video.

At the beginning of March, Br. Faith was appointed acting Deputy Head/Principal of the Technical College and Secondary School, respectively.

On 7th March, the community and workers gathered to mount the Jubilee Cross.

The following day, the Regional Superior Fr. Americo Chaquisse arrived in the community together with Fr. Antonio Javier, the Rector of Mansa Community. The Regional Superior had come to visit the community and school respectively.

24th May saw another successful graduation. The Dean of Chingola as well as the Parish Priest from Sts. Peter and Paul was among the invited guests.

The month of May saw a lot of work undertaken, under the watchful eye of the Rector. The centre was surely and professionally being transformed.

On 10th June, the House Council sat again to make recommendations for Novitiate and also for Bro. John Bui Cao to go for his Theological Studies respectively.

The new Recreation and Library facilities were blessed on 11th June.

The Rector informed the pre-Novices on the results of the scrutiny and admissions on Saturday 18th June. 

Seventy-five students from Mansa with Bro. Moses and two teachers joined the Chingola Community on 21st June. The following day, the community with the students and teachers had Mass together. Introductions done the following day; teachers from Don Bosco Chingola, Don Bosco Mansa and all the Salesians that were present. The Rector also announced the transfer of Fr. Eustace Siame sdb to Moshi in Tanzania, as a teacher in the Post Novitiate. 

On the 27th July, Brothers Thomas and Clement gave their farewell goodbye speeches during their last Mass with the students. Bro. Thomas was returning to Kenya to continue his studies in Theology and Bro. Clement to Tanzania to also continue with his studies in Philosophy.

On 1st September, the Pioneers of Kalulushi Deanery came for their meeting at the centre. Over 600 youngsters with their Patrons and Matrons converged at the centre.

At the beginning of Term 3 in the Academic Year, the school and centre had challenges with water. The pupils and student’s lessons went up to 12:50hrs to avoid an outbreak of a pandemic.

Fr. Eugene Wnek left Chingola Community for Chawama in Lusaka.

2017 began with a bang with various activities. One of the activities was the visitation of the youth of Nchanga Small Christian Community of St. John Bosco by Br. Bornface.

On 31st January, the new Provincial Fr. Christopher Rychcik was installed for ZMB Vice Province.  Chingola Rector and Bro. Joseph Nyondo attended this installation in Lusaka.

Chingola Oratorians hosted the National Basketball Competitions on 4th February at the centre. Teams came from Mufulira, Solwezi, Ndola, Kasama and Lusaka.

Early in April. The Rector was under pressure to complete the ablution block in readiness for Easter Camp. It was planned that some Confreres would sleep in the Pre-Novitiate House.

The centre hosted young people from as far as City of Joy – Mazabuka, City of Hope – Lusaka, Thornpark, Bauleni – Lusaka, Mansa and Chingola as well for the Easter Camp. The Camp lasted for 3 days, from 13th to 16th April.

The centre hosted the Requiem Mass for Mr Robert Mbandama, who was Fr. Michael Mbandama’s twin brother. The Requiem Mass was on 2nd June and Reverend Fr Vincent Tembo sdb was the main celebrant.

On 24th August, the community celebrated the Feast of the Black Madonna. On this day, Fr. Leszek informed the community that the community chapel was dedicated to the Black Madonna, Our Lady of Czestochowa.

The following day, Mini Afro Bosco meeting for the Past Pupils in Zambia began. This was organised by the Past Pupils and the Salesian Community of Chingola. The community with enthusiasm from the young people joined the Past Pupils Street Children’s’ Programme.

The last day for this meeting was 27th August. It was a lively day full of joy. On 30th September, 22 candidates were expected to be admitted to Pre-Novitiate in Chingola. Only twenty arrived; sixteen Zambians and three Malawians.

On the 1st October, the Pre- novices were given the instruments of the Pre-Novitiate stage.

It was on the same day that the Provincial also blessed the second phase of the renovated Pre-Novitiate Formation House.

On 8th October, the Pre-Novices were introduced to the parishioners of St’s. Peter and Paul at morning Mass.

On 22nd October, two Namibian Pre-Novices arrived in the community.

On 26th November, the pre-Novices visited Chiwempala Parish. At the end of Mass, they interacted with the Parish Priest and Vocations Club. Br. Brian Mukuka gave a talk with regard to vocations.

At the beginning of 2018, the Rector of the community blessed the house and the whole centre on 7th January. The blessing began from the Grotto and concluded in the Oratory.

On the Solemnity Feast of Don Bosco, 27 Cooperators renewed their Promises and the Salesian Confreres, namely Fr. Leszek Aksamit, Fr. Martin Nguyen, Br. Joseph Nyondo and Br. Brian Mukuka renewed their vows. One Cooperator who was bedridden was visited by the Salesian Confreres and she also renewed her promises.

March 23rd saw the beginning of the Youth Seminar. The community organised the seminar for the spiritual growth of young people under the theme: ‘Youth a sign and Bearer of God’s love’. There was a total number of 85 youths. The seminar lasted 3 days.

On 10th May was the Solemnity of Mary Help of Christians and also the 23rd Graduation ceremony. The Guest of Honour, His Grace, the Rt. Reverend Bishop Clement Mulenga sdb, in the company of The Vice Provincial of ZMB, Vice Province Rite Reverend Fr. Vincent Tembo sdb and the first Zambian Salesian Bro. Sylvester Makumba sdb arrived in the community on 23rd May, for the celebrations. Holy Mass was celebrated on 24th May presided by the Bishop who was the guest of Honour.

This occasion marked 35 years of Salesian presence in Chingola Community, 26 years of the Don Bosco College and 23rd graduation ceremony for the years 2017 and 2018.

After the Eucharistic Celebration, the graduation procession began, led by the Don Bosco Brass Band and Majorettes. The Mayor of Chingola was also part of the invited guests.

This year also saw massive construction at the centre. More classrooms, roofing sheets on all the workshops were changed, and landscaping was re-done at the school assembly area and also the area where the statue of Don Bosco stands.

2019 began with a lot of youth activities. The youth leaders were asked to evaluate the Oratory programme. The Aspirants also arrived in the community at the beginning of the year.

On the last day of January, the community together with the Cooperators, Franciscan and John the Baptist Sisters respectively, Parish Priest Fr. Lewis Mwansa Mutachila, Fr. Emmanuel Mwale and Fr. Chalwe celebrated the Feast of Don Bosco, followed by supper.

On 26th March, the Rector Fr. Leszek sdb celebrated his silver jubilee of Priesthood. The celebrations began with Mass and ended with a sumptuous meal.

Construction of school infrastructure is still ongoing.

On 25th October, the Provincial for ZMB Vice Province Fr. Christopher Rychcik arrived in the community. He specifically came for Fr. Leszek’ installation as Rector for an additional three years, after he had completed his six years as Rector of the centre. 

On December 6th, we had high Mass for the Technical School and College. The two institutions were closing for the Christmas break and also ending the academic year 2019. The Mass was lively; the students were in high spirits. The Rector gave a moving Homily which touched on the lives, attitudes and possibilities that the students and pupils encounter in their daily lives.

The construction of school infrastructure has continued, i.e. the Science Lab, five more classroom blocks, the Head Teacher’s Office, Human Resource and Accounts Personal Offices.