Vision, Mission and Values


To provide quality technical and vocational education in accordance to the needs of the labour market, to contribute to raising the level of youth employment, and to improve the efficiency and the competitiveness in the economy.


In participating in the educative mission of Don Bosco: We empower young people, especially the less privileged, achieve integral human development through imparting employable skills using the preventive system, hence inspiring and transforming the young to be productive citizens who are responsible and God fearing.


  • The pursuit of excellence and lifelong learning through value based education.
  • An healthy and orderly learning environment.
  • Community development and participation.
  • Promoting human dignity by instilling the sense of fairness, honesty and respect to every individuals of the society.
  • Transforming local talent to global resources by motivating and supporting learner’s creativity.
  • Helping learners appreciate the nobility of hardwork.