Youth Centre/Oratory

From the year Don Bosco youth Centre was established in 1996, young people from different places come to learn and develop different skills and spend their free time in the oratory in a positive manner. Following the teachings of Don Bosco, Oratory is a place to Play, Learn and Pray. Don Bosco applied his system of prevention in such a way that the ideal of oratory became an appropriate set up and suitable for educative environment. Each and every activity in the Oratory is for the purpose of education which aims at forming good Christians and honest citizens of the society. When introducing oratory to the young people, Don Bosco knew very well that, the aspects of praying, learning and playing are necessary in one’s life for his/her wholeness and holiness in becoming good Christian and honest citizen.

To win and save the souls of the young people, St John Bosco saw Oratory as the place where he could attract them. Likewise, Don Bosco youth center (Chingola Oratory) has a huge multi-purpose hall for different games and activities that aims at attracting different young people of different interests. Moreover, Chingola oratory has different clubs such as; basketball, badminton, table-tennis, pool table, body building (gym), football, netball, volleyball, brass band and majorettes, Karate, chess and many other clubs that are in the process of being formed. In addition, some of the activities that take place at the Oratory are: talent show, youth camps, seminars, debates, quizzes, to mention but a few. 

Like any other Don Bosco oratories, Chingola Oraory is the place which based on the experience of the Home, School, Church and Playground. These elements are essential for our oratory because Don Bosco himself sought to make them alive and applicable to every young person coming to the Oratory. Our Oratory is a home which makes everyone feel welcoming, free and belongingness. It is this fact that makes the center to welcome every young person (youth) without exclusion. Our Oratory is a school which helps a person learn different skills, values, attitudes, and many others. Since our oratory has the aspect of school experience, we have library where young people do come to study. We also allow young people to learn musical instruments. Our Oratory has the aspect of Church experience where a person realizes the presence of God in his/her life. The Church experience makes an individual develop some Christian values, morals and faith. Our Oratory is a play-ground where youths enjoy themselves and have funny and interested games. 

All these activities and programs mentioned aim at forming good Christians and honest citizens of the nation. It is by aiming at achieving our goals that we focus on helping youths to discover, promote and develop their abilities and also imparting good morals in them as they are searching for their identity and roles they can play in the nation. 

In normal daily oratory activities’ program start from 14:30hrs and ends at 17:00hrs with good night talk (spiritual or motivation or educative talk).