Job Service and Guidance Office

Mr. Chinyama Billy
Bachelor Degree in Production and Operations Management

The Job Service Office is tasked with the duty of connecting the institution to the industries and together with the guidance office help shape the morals of learners for quality teaching and learning. The following are the missions for the department: 

Mission 1:
(1)    TVET as a career choice towards employment 
(2)    Equitable training opportunities for all

Mission 2:
Guide Youth and lead them to design, monitor and evaluate a personal and vocational life project including relevant training pathways

Mission 3
To prepare the trainees for the world of work

Mission 4
To ensure that the skills taught in the TVET Centers are relevant to labor market demands

Mission 5
To facilitate cooperation and partnerships with the public and private sectors for job placement

Mission 6
To improve internal and external networking

Mission 7
To evaluate external effectiveness of our TVET Centers

Transversal Mission:
Effective communication with the stakeholders

NB: For more details, refer to the JSO quality manual and the Management Manual.